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The railway runs on rules. Don't be an incident. Follow the rules.

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The correct source of Rulebook info is the RSSB Rulebook app, your primary sponsor is responsible for allowing you access to this.

This section was last updated on 21/12/2022.

HB1: General duties and track safety for track workers (Issue 7)

HB2: Instructions for track workers who use emergency protection equipment​

HB3: Duties of the Lookout and Site Warden​

HB4: Duties of a Points Operator and Route-Setting Agent​

HB5: Handsignalling Duties Issue 2.1​

HB6: General duties of an Individual Working Alone (IWA) Issue 7​

HB7: General duties of a controller of site safety (COSS) Issue 8

HB8: IWA, COSS or PC blocking a line Issue 9​

HB9: IWA or COSS setting up safe systems of work within possessions Issue 8​

HB10: Duties of the COSS or SWL and PIC when using a Hand Trolley Issue 4.1​

HB11: Duties of the person in charge of possession (PICOP) Issue 10​

HB11: Duties of the person in charge of possession (PICOP) with ERTMS Issue 2​

HB12: Duties of the engineering supervisor (ES) or safe work leader (SWL) in a possession Issue 9​

HB13: Duties of the Person in Charge of the Siding possession (PICOS) Issue 3​

HB16: AC electrified lines Issue 5​

HB17: DC electrified lines Issue 4​

HB19: Work on Signalling Equipment - Duties of the Signalling Technician​

HB20: General duties of a Safe Work Leader (SWL) working outside a possession Issue 4​

HB21: Safe Work Leader (SWL) blocking a line Issue 5​

Rule Book Track Workers' Manual Issue 7​

Keypoint Booklets

The only valid source of current information is from the RSSB Rulebook app. The downloads below must therefore be regarded as out of date and cannot be relied upon as a source of current information. They are a handy memory jogger but are not being updated regulary enough to comply with the current rule books.

This section was last updated on 03/05/2022.

Keypoint PTS

Keypoint DCCR

Keypoint Site Warden

Keypoint PTS

Keypoint COSS / IWA / PC

Keypoint ES

Keypoint PICOP

Keypoint Possession Support

Keypoint Safe System of Work Planner

PTS Handbook Issue 10 (03/2020)

Track Safety Handbook Issue 10.1 (03/2022)

This section was last updated on 03/05/2022.

Rulebook Update Briefing issue 38​

COSS Recert Workbook

Everyone attending a COSS Recert should be pre-issued with the COSS Workbook for completion before the course since it is a vital part of knowledge revision.

This is not a replica of the test and contains no answers.

Don’t forget to refer to the COSS Keypoint booklet above to help check your answers – there’s always a chance that something you know may be something you don’t. Rulebooks change.

Coss Personal Development Workbook v3.0

This section was last updated on 01/08/2022.

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Imminent updates from the RSSB

AC Electrified Lines update

Line Block process update

Using the Sentinel app on site

Got Form? You should have.

NR3180 (replaces RT3181) Line Block form. NOTE: Now Ver.4 - FOUR sides

RT9909 COSS Record of Arrangements

Aid for calculating Lookout warning times