Tr 00(Track Induction)

Course Summary

This course is mandatory for all staff new to track engineering, with its purpose to give delegates a basic understanding of the principles of track engineering. This includes Permanent Way construction, components and work methods to enable them to work safely and efficiently. The course also includes Personal Track Safety and DCCR (see the Personal Track Safety and DCR Course Specifications for details of this course).

This course includes PTS AC and DCCR

Course Aim

At the end of this course and following a period of mentoring and coaching delegates will:

  • Be able to carry out Emergency First Aid
  • Understand basic fire awareness including the action to take when discovering a fire
  • Be able to lift loads as an individual or part of a team using correct manual handling techniques and describe possible causes of injury
  • Gain an introductory knowledge of the rail infrastructure and an awareness of the principle engineering features of the rail system
  • Understand the functions and properties of ballast and the importance of effective drainage
  • Understand the different types of rail used in the UK and the different types of fastening and their construction
  • Understand track geometry, measurement and the effect of track maintenance
  • Understand the range of hand tools available to undertake maintenance activities and the skill to use them safely and effectively
  • Understand the correct methods for undertaking commonly used manual activities on plain line and S&C
  • Introductory understanding of on-track machines used on the railway for mechanised maintenance and renewal activities
  • Understand of off track maintenance tasks and their responsibilities for observation or inspection and the reporting of maintenance issues
  • Understand the adverse effect of extreme weather on rail infrastructure and associated maintenance activities.

Course Award

Delegates will be awarded with a Sentinel recognised certificate upon successful completion of this course.

Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Must be a minimum age of 16. 
  • Must meet the medical requirements of Network Rail Standard NR/L2/OHS/00124 Competence Specific Fitness Medical Requirements. 
  • In addition, the requirements of Network Rail Standard NR/L1/OHS/051 (Drugs and Alcohol) must be met. 
  • Must have sufficient command of English language, and of the English language as detailed in Network Rail Company Specification NR/S/CTM/021 (Competence & Training in Track Safety). 
  • Must have completed the Personal Track Safety (PTS) course, Manual Handing, Fire Awareness and Emergency First Aid at Work. 

Course Duration

10 days

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