NP: Nominated Person

Course Summary

This module is designed to train persons who are responsible for undertaking isolations on AC OLE in their daily work. 

It is designed to develop a person’s knowledge, understanding and skills as defined in parts of competence standards listed below and is therefore particularly suited to persons required to prove their competence in these areas. 

Course Aim

To instruct delegates how to determine and fulfil their role and responsibilities when undertaking Level A (Nominated) person duties. 

This course is designed to ensure delegates are fully aware of the dangers that can arise in the course of Level A (Nominated) person’s duties. 

Course Award

Delegates will be awarded with a Sentinel-recognised certificate upon successful completion of this course.

Prerequisites and Requirements

  • Minimum age of 18. 
  • Must hold a valid Sentinel Track Safety Card and meet the requirements of NR/L2/CTM/021 – Competence and Training in Track Safety. 
  • Meet the medical requirements of Network Rail Standard NR/L2/OHS/00124 Competence Specific Fitness Medical Requirements. 
  • In addition, the requirements of Network Rail Specification NR/L2/OHS/00120 (Drugs & Alcohol) must be met. 
  • Must hold a valid Sentinel Track Safety Card endorsed with PTS AC competence. 
  • Current Authorised Person (AP) in full. 
  • The First Aid for Electrical Accidents course and hold current certification. 

Course Duration

10 days

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