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Technical Services

TES has a team of highly motivated, qualified and respected Technical staff, capable of providing a range of services.


Vertical and horizontal track alignments surveys

Clearance to all line side structures, including Overbridge profiles

Monitoring the track infrastructure, including embankments, to establish the extent of any movements or deteriorations

We have the capability to carry out Laser Sweep Surveys


Design of vertical and horizontal track alignment and drainage solutions to the relevant Network Rail standards

Designing alignments for new tracks, with or without formation or drainage designs

Setting Out

  • Marking cants and transitions for on track machine work
  • Producing ‘as builts’ against design to demonstrate that the track has or has not achieved the accepted track geometry tolerances
  • Setting out for permanent way and drainage designs, within existing rail operations or on a green field site
  • Setting out new switch and crossing alignments to enable construction of new layouts prior to installation
  • Stressing (levels 1 - 3) from maintaining stress to stressing of CWR, in all situations
  • Cat scanning to Network Rail Standards
  • Track Back Level 1 to 4
  • Track Quality Supervisor
  • Capability to provide either the Hallade Method or Total Station Surveying, which ever is required.

To find out more please contact Luke Eastabrook Track Technical Manager on 01206 799111 or send an email to

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