Aways test before applying earths or straps

Never assume equipment is isolated - always test before you touch.

Always use a safety harness when working at height, unless other protection is in place

Everyone Home Safe Every Day

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Understanding our clients’ needs is paramount in the delivery of overhead line services.  We take pride in our ability to meet these needs, delivering a more flexible, safe, efficient and reliable service.

AC/DC Isolations

Our Overhead Line personnel are carefully selected for their many years of experience in managing, planning and delivering Isolations.  We understand the importance of what we do, we are meticulous in our approach to this service and our knowledge and experience in Possession Management enables us to identify innovative solutions for increasing possession productivity, for our clients.


We are able to undertake OHL construction works such as Campaign Changes, Bonding, Small Part Steel works (SPS) and registration adjustments.  We are also able to supply a number of experienced personnel to support larger projects, these include GE Overhead Line Renewals and Ipswich Cord/Yard works.


We are able to undertake various types of infrastructure surveys, for example, Height & Stagger, Dilapidation and independent project progress assessments.

To find out more please contact Paul Ambler on either 01733 667272 or 07970 366293 or send an email

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