Senior Person in Charge of Possession

To supervise and deliver professional possession management within a safety critical environment

Responsible to
Delivery Manager

Assistant Delivery Manager

Key responsibilities

  • Conduct pre-possession checks, briefings etc.
  • Attend relevant meetings/sites, zone Tiii, Final Planning etc.
  • Arrange/chair PICOP briefings
  • Identify all blocking points
  • Brief back up team (S)PICOPS and PSS
  • Contribute to risk assessments
  • Contribute to development of contingency plans
  • Arrange for PSS to undertake familiarisation with work site and possession requirements
  • Carry out S/PICOP duties and support duties as required
  • Comply with all relevant legislation and railway rules including safety critical communications
  • Carry out additional duties deemed to be within the position capability as directed by management

Key performance indicators

  • Network Rail Audit
  • Briefing rate
  • Completion and return of all relevant possession documentation
  • Customer performance measure
  • Attendance at work
  • Accidents / Incidents
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Damage/loss of equipment
  • Close call submissions
  • Achieving deadlines and results

Skills and experience

  • In depth knowledge Railway group standards
  • In depth knowledge of possession requirements
  • Excellent communication and organisational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Planning and Time Management
  • IT literate
  • Report writing
  • Previous experience chairing meetings 
  • Ability to manage teams and people
  • Previous customer focused/service experience

Competences and qualifications

  • (S)PICOP
  • PTS
  • PS

I understand and accept the above duties, which are part of my role.  I undertake to take reasonable care for the health and safety of myself and those other persons who may be affected by my acts or omissions at work.  To co-operate, as far as necessary, with any statutory requirement placed on the company.  To ensure that I do not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interest of safety or welfare.

As far as is reasonably practicable, safeguard the health, safety and welfare of employees under your sphere of responsibility by providing safe plant, equipment and safe systems of work.  Safe handling, storage and transport of (work) articles and substances.  Necessary information, instruction, training and supervision.  A safe place of work with safe access and egress.  A safe working environment with adequate welfare facilities.