Thursday 29th of January 2015

TES 2000 Ltd Announces the Launch of its Trauma Management Programme

...with the help of Jim’s story


Jim Mealand’s decision to share a traumatic experience he’d had while working on a railway line is helping to make a difference for his TES 2000 colleagues.

He was working within London’s Liverpool Street Station when he rushed to the aid of a colleague who had fallen 15 feet after touching a live overhead line. Jim was quick to help the victim who survived with 40 per cent burns to his body, a collapsed lung and a fractured skull.

How the incident affected Jim has not only inspired a training programme geared to coping with a traumatic event, but also enhanced counselling and support services available to employees.

Manager Jim was attending the company’s Management Development Programme when he took the courageous decision to share his experience.

TES 2000 Managing Director Tony Evans said: “I have known Jim for many years, and knew that this particular event had affected him. It is wonderful that he is now able to use that experience to help really make a difference here at TES.”

Jim has helped Lindsey Hayward, Head of HR, develop the Trauma Management Programme and he has told his story, for the first time, on camera to trauma management expert Dr. Noreen Tehrani.

TES 2000 Ltd are vastly experienced in ensuring safety practices and principles are applied to all aspects of the work they deliver within the railway infrastructure.

“But traumatic experiences are not an everyday occurrence,” said Tony Evans. “It is important that we have the ability to support people in the right way if they should ever face a similar situation to Jim’s.

“The trauma programme provides guidance and support for everyone across TES in coping with traumatic situations. A programme of training is being rolled out across the business, with all levels of managers and supervisors in attendance. 

“When Jim offered to help with the programme, it was clear his story would bring home to our managers and staff what support is available to them, and indeed how to give support following a traumatic event. “

Lindsey Hayward added: “Jim was very courageous to share his story for the first time with us, and help us to develop a support network and training programme that can really make a difference to our staff.

“Last summer a few of our staff out on track experienced members of the public attempting to commit suicide. It was evident that we needed to give our managers more support on how to help their team members cope with such situations. 

“Working with Dr. Tehrani, meant we were able to ensure the Trauma Management Programme really provided that support, giving practical guidance on how to conduct demobilisation and defusing conversations. We had the added benefit of being able to create our own training material, and of course, use Jim’s experience to ensure we learned from the past.”

Jim's Story can be viewed on-line.

A copy of the full press release can be downloaded here.


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