Our History

Creating Safe Railway Working Environments not only defines TES’s role and mission for the rail industry, but it is also an essential pre-requisite for all those who work on the railway.  Total confidence in the safety of the working environment is paramount.  Through experience, expertise and resources, TES provides that confidence.

The cornerstones of our success is our true ability to deliver a comprehensive service, whilst maintaining excellent standards of Health and Safety.  Since it’s formation in 1994 the company’s philosophy has been to lead by example, and in an increasingly challenging environment we are able to adapt our approach to meet and exceed the changing needs of the industry and our clients.  TES achieves this through comprehensive planning, training, communications and delivery that unite to create safe railway working environments.

TES is a key player in some of the industry’s largest projects, building elite teams for long term contracts and developing safety solutions that maximise working time.

Growing in strength, expertise and reputation, TES continues to be a leading safety practitioner.  Our accreditations bear testament to our capabilities as a professional organisation.